Job: QA Inspector, Packaging

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

The Quality Assurance Inspector, Packaging is responsible for performing in-process auditing of packaging and inspecting labels, packaging components and finished product to ensure conformance to specification.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

* Audits packaging operations and performs in-process and final inspections of finished product ensuring cGMP compliance and adherence to company procedures.
* Inspects finished product, using a statistical sampling plan, to verify conformance to specifications.
* Inspects labels and packaging components at receipt to verify conformance to specifications.
*Performs secondary review of inspection reports and approves release of conforming material.
* Completes and files required documentation
* May assist in inspection of raw materials at receipt to verify conformance to specifications.
a. May perform Identity testing using the FTNIR analyzer
b. May perform physical testing as required using testing equipment (eg. disintegration, moisture analyzer, bulk density and sieve analysis for particle size)
* May inspect finished bulk product, using a statistical sampling plan, to verify conformance to specifications.
* Communicates inspection failures and non-conformances to QA Supervisor or QA Coordinator.
* Follows QA Coordinator/Supervisor/Manager instruction on handling non-conforming materials or product.
* Understands and follows company procedures and policies for inspecting materials and finished product established in compliance with 21 CFR 111, Dietary Supplement cGMP.
* Understands and follows written instruction provided in company procedures and specifications. Notifies QA Coordinator or Supervisor of any deviations to the procedure or specifications. Obtains instructions and approval for handling deviation prior to initiating action.
* Communicates and interacts effectively with Packaging, Planning, Client Services, Warehouse, Purchasing and Quality Personnel.
* Maintain a sanitary working environment.
* Performs other duties as requested


* High School Diploma Required. BA/BS degree in physical science or Quality Experience preferred.
* Strong communication skills and ability to follow written and verbal instructions
* Ability to document information completely and accurately
* Ability to multitask in a fast paced environment
* Good computer skills with knowledge of Microsoft Word, Access and Excel.
* Proven knowledge and ability to conduct and interpret inspection criteria, data and results


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